WKA has devised unique documents for competitors and coaches, and inspiring WKA Referees, and can access these Rules as soon as links are made available. For efficiency, WKA has thought of making separately available Rules for Competitors who are interested in either section or in all sections of WKA Competitions; that is, Kata, Nihon and Sanbon Kumite, and Ippon Kumite. Explanations are made simple to encourage all enthusiasts, competitors and coaches to adhere to these Rules and promote the smooth Running of all WKA competitions.

Referees’ Rules are also made available on a separate document in order not to stress competitors and coaches to go through unnecessary information just to identify what rules they need to follow during their participation. WKA Members, Referees and competitors are always our priority.

KATA / Ippon/ Nihon/ & Sanbon Competition Rules are updated.

Other links will be updated soon

Mainstream – Para – Kobudo Rules 

Other Styles